Specialty Services

In addition to our regular water well service, we also offer a variety of specialty services: Pump Retrieval, Well Plugging, Hand Pump Installation, Solar Pump Installation.
hand pump
Fishing out equipment:
We have been highly successful in retrieving pumps, pipe, and wire that have fallen into wells due to well-heads being damaged (tractor ran over it, heat lamp melted the pipe, tried pulling on your own and dropped it).

Plugging old wells:
If you have an old well that is no longer being utilized, we offer well plugging services. We will remove any equipment that can be removed, plug the well to state specifications, and register the report with the state of Texas.

We are proud to say that we are now equipped to pull pumps that may be located in an area unreachable with our service trucks. In these instances, we have a machine that fits over the well-head and can assist us in pulling these hard to get to pumps. We are also able to use this machine to pull pumps when the ground is too wet to get our trucks in, which has came in handy this fall!

Hand Pumps:
Pump up your homes water tank with a hand pump even while connected to your regular system, as a back-up for power outages. The stainless steel pump head and cylinder can be installed in your existing well alongside your electric pump.

Solar Pumps:
If you're needing water in an area that doesn't have an electrical option or just want to save on the cost of electricity, we proudly install solar pumps on both new and existing wells. Have a damaged panel, control box, or motor that needs to be replaced, we can help you out!